Let's go to Rennes (Rennes School of Business)


-  08:00  Departure from our high school (bus)
 -  10:30  Arrival in Rennes
 -  11:45  Arrival at Rennes School of Business (+welcome drinks!)
 -  11:30  am  Mock oral interviews for the EC2 students (with their CVs)
 -  12:00  Mock oral exams (general knowledge/ with a chosen subject)
 -  12:30  Visit of the school

 -  13:00  Meal in the school cafeteria  + Break
 -  14:00  Discussions with Rennes School of Business students
 -  14:45  Presentation of the school by the Chairman of the school, the cpe and the teaching manager
 -  16:00  Visit of the city of Rennes
 -  17:30  Back to Hérouville Saint Clair



Laurine (EC1):  “ This school is very technology-based and offers all the necessary conditions for students to learn but also to practice through their various associations.” “When you discover the school for the first time, it's nice and you get used to it. There is vegetation everywhere (palm trees) and even "chill-out” relaxation spots”

Flavie (EC1) : “Indeed I agree with Laurine , but I find  this school is too much because there are a lot of things . I prefer smaller and fewer things , and maybe things that are more simple . Other schools also offer new technologies … Even if I am not sure of my choice yet I don’t want TO join Rennes School of Business.

However this school is really interestING for the people who want TO work ABROAD, and to discover different cultures because students COME from a lot of countries."

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